Kornthip Massage


Where to learn massage with Waree in Chiang Mai

photo of the entrance
photo of the entrance

Waree is based outside of the old town, about 1.5 km south. It is a 20 minutes walk from the Chiang Mai gate.

Waree has been working from her own space where she lives and sharing the house with friends and students from time to time. As she is an independent, freelance teacher and therapist, she needs her private space as the massage center so she can take care of people as much as they needed. And she can provide the service at client’s preferred space as well.


  Welly Expertise Co., Ltd.
101/37 Mu Ban Inthranurak Alley, Wiang Ping Road,
T. Changklan, A. Muang, 50100 Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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