Kornthip Massage by Waree

Kornthip Massage by Waree


Thai Massage Therapy, specialty in Abdominal & Kasai massage

Massage courses and treatments with Waree

I am Waree.

I am available either in Pai or Kho Phangan to know where i am now Get in touch ;-)

I offer both instruction and treatments in traditional Thai massage, Abdominal massages, Kasai massage (Pelvis floor therapy Thai style) and Thai Oil massage.

For more information  click here, otherwise follow the links to learn more about the courses and treatments offered.

Courses start on request of the students.

Get in touch to formulate your request and see with Waree what is possible, and also what is happening right now and next week.

Students eager to learn Kasai massage should already have a solid foundation in abdominal massage. Therefore, it is often most beneficial to take both courses consecutively.

Any course can start anytime with a minimum of 2 students.

So please feel free to bring your classmate(s) and or stand by to see if other people coming to join the class ...

All massage classes include a physical manual, some digital manual and students allow to film what’s necessary for furtherance practicing. 

Certification from Kornthip massage is provided. 

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