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Massage courses and treatments with Waree

I am not in my place in Pai right now, but you can find me on Koh Phangan and Chiangmai. You can get in touch my mail here.

Massage treatments are often seen as a collection of applied techniques and knowledge. You also know that presence, focus and empathy give all its qualities to one's touch.

Waree proposes to teach and share her experience in the art of facilitating change and self-healing, the Thai way.

You could call Waree's treatments a fusion of traditional forms with a modern detox twist. But it is probably just about experience, talent, and the right kind of improvisation. You know, it is an Art.

Waree has an original way to organize her courses.

All these courses can be taken separately

She teaches the traditional way during the week and during the weekend or available time during the 2nd week of the month she welcomes previous students to her space to practice what we have been learned about related topics under her advice if you needed. Please check the available timing in advance. 

The first week: The main course is about Abdominal and foot reflexology massage.
This course is centered on Abdominal massage and explore how to combine it with foot reflexology in a treatment.

The second week: This week is open up for any kind of treatment that she offered. It's also a good idea to receive a treatment from her to see the style of her bodywork if you are looking for a teacher that suitable for your inquiry.

The third and fourth week: The main course is about Traditional Thai therapy massage.
This course is about advanced Thai massage techniques, dedicated to specific symptoms.

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