Kornthip Massage by Waree

Kornthip Massage by Waree


News about where Waree is giving treatments and teaching at the moment

How to catch a free spirit bird!?..👀

Waree has been working from her own space and shares the house with friends and students from time to time. As she is an independent, freelance teacher and therapist, she needs her private space so she can take care of people as much as is needed.

Hello, you can find me ... 

At the moment and until end of October , I am in Koh Phangan.

I offer treatments and trainings.

The next course(s) planned are: 

Monthly updated schedule of April 2024 to learn massage on Koh Phangan by Waree🙏

All kinds of treatments available on request. 

(Abdominal, Kasai, combination of therapeutics work)

Tuesday 9th - Friday 12th April

🌺Thai style Oil massage (works with Energy lines)🌺

Monday 22nd - Thursday  25th April 

🪷 Abdominal massage class  level 1🪷

Monday 29th April -2nd May

🌻Abdominal massage level 2 (Deeper work on abdominal with therapeutic points to deal with some specific issues)🌻 

All these are booked and still looking for some more participants 

Semi-Private class and Hands-On teaching style 

Enjoy your day and looking forward to give you a smile 🐬

Waree will go back to Pai from 3rd May till 17th May 2024

Anyone looking for her treatments and class please keep her posted. 

She is planing to teach Thai Oil massage class in Pai from 13th to 16th May. 

If anyone interested in this class please let her know your intention and chat with her for more details. 

If you want to join or start a course, feel free to get in touch