Kornthip Massage by Waree

Kornthip Massage by Waree


Kasai massage training (Pelvis floor therapy Thai style)

What is Kasai massage?

Kasai massage is a type of traditional Thai massage which acts to stimulate circulation and balance energy within the body, focusing on the reproductive system.

Kasai therapeutic massage helps stimulate the blood circulation system and send energy to various organs of the body, helping to expel waste that accumulates within the reproductive system, relieve lower back pain, strengthen the reproductive system, help improve sexual functions, and helps to relieve congested blood and urination.

This specific zone of the body is often left alone for moral reasons but it is also the siege and the crossroad of many aspect of the balance of one's body. It is an important aspect of a holistic approach to therapy.

(Traditional Thai massage(Energy lines and Therapeutic points) and Abdominal massage are types of Kasai massage as to have "Kasai" could appear in different forms)

Who is studying Kasai massage suitable for?

Kasai massage requires the masseuse to touch along the energy lines of the reproductive organs of both women and men, requiring the massage therapist's delicacy and experience in learning and training. For this reason

Those who want to learn about the science of Kasai massage should have the following attributes:

- Have the basics of Thai massage or Thai oil massage with an emphasis on knowing the path of the ten principal energy lines. (Even you are not clear about that, Waree would provides the refreshing knowing of that anyway)

- Have basic knowledge of abdominal massage. 

(Even if you are not, Waree would provide the techniques of basic abdominal massage anyway as it's a part of Kasai massage knowledge)

- Have a good (non-sexual) attitude towards massage of the reproductive organs.

- Know Thai manners or the etiquette of being a professional masseuse. Real masseuses do not use the subjects you study to make a living sexually. This will bring disrepute to both yourself and the teachers. Because of this, a teacher might refuse to accept such a student if she senses these hidden energies...

How to give  Kasai massage?

Its method begins with a Traditional Thai or Thai oil massage on energy lines that blocked, including acupressure on the meridian signal points as well as the points of the 10 main energy lines that circulate in the body. As a result of this the circulatory system (water element), fire element, and wind element carries heat, increasing the movement of various elemental energies and helps them return to a more balanced state.

After this there is an abdominal massage in order to soften and break up the overall tightness within the abdomen, focusing on stimulating key points that enter the lower abdomen and pelvic floor, and opening the powerful circulation system of the internal organs.

Then follows a massage of the reproductive organs of both women and men, focusing on only the parts that are problematic or stuck. This is meant to have a stimulating effect, treating the deterioration of the body, and balancing the four elements, helping to increase overall energy flow that stagnates from blocked points in the reproductive system. This better circulation improves kidney function and helps with lumbar pain, back pain, and other symptoms that cause stiffness and congestion of the internal organs of the lower abdomen. Kasai massage can also have a positive effect on the overall emotional state.

This said, each person's massage regimen will vary according to the symptoms they present. The main principle before going to massage is to find the cause of the disease, through history taking (both personal history and disease history), basic physical examination and local examination. These important principles will lead to accurate diagnosis of symptoms and planning of appropriate massage for each individual and lead to recommendations for other treatment methods.

Contents of Kasai massage course 

1. What is Kasai massage? 

2.  Knowledge of human existing related to ailments in traditional Thai medicine observation. 

3.  Preparation of giving Kasai massage. (Personal information intake..Basic diagnoses, massage plan etc) 

4.  Massage plan regarding which includes knowledge of Thai Energy lines that related to a particular symptom. 

5.  Working procedures. 

6.  Advise and fallow up

When does the Karsai course occurs

Monday to Thursday
4 days of intensive hands on training 

5 hours a day, 20 hours in total. 

10:00 to 16:00 with a lunch break.

The price per person is THB. 25,000

(approx. 640€ / 700 $)

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What causes the body to develop Kasai disease?

Our bodies gradually deteriorate with age resulting in the Triadhatu, pitta, vata, and phlegm that circulate in the body becoming out of balance. According to the principles of Thai traditional medicine this deterioration is called "Kasai" and causes disease and imbalance in various organs, especially the internal abdominal organs,  making the body weak, deteriorated, and unable to function normally. According to the traditional Medicine scriptures there are more than 26 types in total, divided according to the deterioration of the body and causes of disease.

When Kasai or deterioration of the body happens to the genitals, this results in malfunctioning of the urinary and reproductive systems.  Abnormalities can occur due to many factors such as degeneration of the organ itself, stress, insufficient or excess fire element in the body. This results in illness in the systems in the body and inevitably results in congestion, pellets, lumps, and stiffness of the reproductive organs and surrounding related areas, and causes physical, mental, and emotional effects.

In yogic science it is said that the genital point is the origin of the root chakra which holds and strengthens the other 6 chakras. This chakra acts as the center of spiritual, emotional, and physical balance and awareness of your basic needs. Healing the first chakra is about feelings of security, safety, desire, determination, and life. Its energy stabilizes your inner self, allowing one to feel mindful and comfortable.

The first chakra, or root chakra, is as important to the body as foundations are to a building. If the foundation is strong the building will be strong as well. In the same way if our root chakra is balanced and energetic it strengthens and aligns all the chakras of the body. Any abnormality in this chakra is powerful enough to affect the health of the other 6 chakras in the body, therefore it directly affects overall well-being and emotional stability. Feeling constantly lost and anxious for no reason, or feel worried about the basic necessities of life even though things may be fine, is an indication that your 1st chakra is out of balance. Unbalanced or blocked chakras make us more likely to receive negative energy and undermines our full human potential.

In Thai traditional medicine there are many ways to balance the body (such as Kasai massage, herbal medicine, and charcoal sitting), to increase the strength/energy of the wind (adhogamavata, wind blowing down the lower parts of the body) and the fire element of the body. The method that is currently popular besides using herbal medicine is "Kasai massage".