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Who is Waree (Pensiri  Matchachan) as a practitioner and as a teacher?

Who is Waree?

Waree is an independent specialized professional massage therapist and teacher in Chiang Mai,Pai and Koh phangan Thailand who provides private or small group massage training & intensive treatment on Thai massage therapy, Abdominal Healing Massage and Thai Foot Reflexology Massage under Tradition Thai medicine theory as she is a certified from Ministry of Public Health.

Waree as a Massage Practitioner. 

Since her first Thai Massage class, she has seen massage practicing a kind of 'movement' meditation, one that gives care and kindness to the receiver at the same time. This made her feel happy (she only works only when she feels happy!).

Anytime she has a chance to give massage treatment she feels much more relaxed and it allows her to detach from the outside world. She goes into the world of healing by giving concentrated wishing to relieve ailments of the person under her hands.  

She has learned and practiced intensively for all of the therapy she performs. Particular styles of massage such as Traditional Thai massage clinic therapy, abdominal massage, foot reflexology massage, Thai oil massage, Hot stones massage, Herbal compressed and herbal poultice, and some more of other healing procedure under Tradition Thai medicine theory.

Recently, as she feels independent and confident to give massages, she offers a combination of massage therapy. She will perceive what is appropriate and necessary for you and will modify your massage treatment to your specific needs and conditions.

You can be sure that she will do her best to make you feel comfortable in a therapeutic way and suggest you the right treatments for your health condition. 

Waree as a Massage Teacher

On the path of her teaching, Waree is very passionate about it. She believed to transmit knowledge regarding massage is a kind of merit. Teaching massage is a beautiful way of sharing. The knowledge about massages should be spread around the world to declare alternative ways of dealing with various ailments, instead of just relying on medical treatment. This means that Waree will share everything she knows with you. She also feels joyful that she could learn from the act of touching people, and from sharing massage skills to others.  Thai masseuse philosophy is about being humble and thankful to the receiver, or learner, to open up the chance to be a guidance of healing art.

Waree is passionate during class and gives feedback to the trainees until they feel confident to apply the skills they have learned. She is also always open to any questions.

Waree is also a mother :-)
Waree is also a mother :-)