Kornthip Massage by Waree

Kornthip Massage by Waree


Waree offers 3 types of massage treatments.

Traditional Thai massage integrated treatment

Combination of different massage methods and techniques in the same massage session, Thai, Abdominal, Foot reflexology, Tok Sen, Herbal ball, or herbal oil massage. It is about presence and improvisation. 

During your treatment, the practitioner perceives what is appropriate and necessary for you and will modify your treatment to your specific needs and conditions. Both relaxation and specific acupressure points.

± 1:30 hours. Price THB 1,000

( approx. €25 / $28 )

Abdominal Detox treatment

Using a combination of Abdominal massage and Foot reflexology, this treatment helps to accelerate detoxification in the body by stimulating reflex zones on the foot, and working on areas of blockage to promote the draining of toxins from the system. This process is followed by an abdominal healing massage that wakes up internal organs directly and improves the detox process. The session ends with working on energy lines or points as needed to facilitate energy flow. This type of therapy is also suitable for people who are in a detox period or program. Advices to fallow up the treatment at least 3 times. How often to receive, the therapist would need to touch you at the first time to consider and give you advice from there. 

± 1:30 hours. Price THB 1,500

(approx. €38 / $42)

Please note an important aspect of that kind of treatment.

Embarking on a series of three massage treatments for example can significantly amplify the therapeutic benefits your experience. Each session builds upon the last, creating a cumulative effect that deepens your healing journey.

Kasai massage

Kasai massage is related to the reproductive organs of both man and woman. Kasai massage begins with an Energy line massage to to open up entire body to ease the flow of energy during this powerful massage. Followed by an Abdominal therapeutic massage on blocked points, then moving on to concentrate on the blockages within the reproductive organs.

± 2 hours. Price THB 2,000 

(approx. €51 / $56)

An important aspect of that kind of journey.

Embarking on a journey of healing and well-being through massage therapy is greatly enhanced when approached as a series of treatments.

This approach allows each session to build upon the effects of the previous one, creating a powerful cumulative impact. As you progress through these treatments, you'll experience a deepening of the healing process, leading to more profound and lasting benefits.

Tips for the most beneficial of your treatments day!

1.  integrated massage treatment: 

Due to the intensive nature of this treatment, which focuses specifically on your particular issues, it is recommended to indulge yourself afterwards. Activities like a sauna session or a walk in nature, will help to maintain the energy flow throughout your body after the treatment.

2.  Abdominal and Kasai massage treatments.

Please empty your stomach at least 2 hours before receiving massage. 

Before or after abdominal treatment, you should receive any kind of relaxing massage of the whole body to ease energy flow.
Additionally, it is beneficial to receive a relaxing full-body massage either before or after your abdominal treatment to facilitate energy flow. Engaging in activities that stimulate energy flow, such as visiting a sauna, partaking in ocean-related activities, immersing in nature, or experiencing sound healing, is also recommended. These practices help in grounding and releasing any kind of blockage in your body effectively.

During treatment:

Keep silent, be within your own body, don't let your mind float away, be here … be in  meditative state as much as you can because the therapist would be the same while giving massage.  

 PS: No expectation is the best. She would do her best to facilitate your own healing work …