Kornthip Massage

Kornthip Massage


Waree's 1st week of the month Schedules

Combination of Abdominal healing & foot reflexology, powerful detoxify massage course:

This 35 hours course with Waree starts every Monday of the 1st week of the month, the class goes on until Friday. Everyday from 9:00 - 17:00 pm.

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Abdominal healing & Foot reflexology massage course curriculum

Day 1   * Introduction of the Thai way of Abdominal healing massage.

            * how to diagnosis the symptoms. 

            * Precaution and contradiction

            * Specify organs and point

            * Techniques of hand-on abdominal. Warm-up and relaxing abdominal massage.

Day 2    Hand-on the right side of the abdomen

Day 3    Hand-on the left side of the abdomen

Day 4   * Introduction of Thai Foot reflexology

             * Pointing at 70 points on the foot

Day 5    How to combine the abdominal and foot massage as a sequence of each symptom.

Why combine both Abdominal and Foot Reflexology?

This combination of the 2 courses, is useful to present the method to accelerate detoxification of the body system by stimulating reflex zones on the foot, specified work on areas of blockage, and to promote the draining of toxins from the system. so we going to learn 70 reflexes foot zone and this process is followed by an abdominal healing massage that wakes up internal organs directly and improves the detox process. You are going learn ho to hand-on belly massage on each specific area in the abdomen cavity. As well as some techniques to ends the treatment with working on energy lines or points that needed to facilitate the flow. This program is one of the most powerful types of therapy to be presented. It's suitable also for people who are in a detox period or program.