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Kornthip Massage

Kornthip Massage


Waree's 3rd-4th week of the month. Thai traditional therapy massage training

Thai therapy massage course schedule 

Thai therapy massage (15 common symptoms),
10 days (within 2 weeks), 60 hours.
Begin every 3rd week of the month,
Monday - Friday (Sat. and Sun. off)
From 9:00 until 16:00 (1 hr. lunch break)  This course require 2 students minimum for the class to begin. 

Cost 15,000 baht per person.

Day 1:  Introduction of Thai therapy massage 15 common symptoms

   -  Principle of therapy massage the Thai way
   -  Analysis of mechanisms of disease and symptoms through the eyes of the Thai traditional medicine theory. (unbalance between 4 basic elements as the origin of diseases)
   -  Determining your own balance of these elements and your classmate's.

Day 2:  Ankle Sprain, Prevention for cramp

Day 3: 
Leg pain, Knee pain, Hip pain

Day 4:
  Back pain , Stiffness of interscapular muscle

Day 5:  Neck rotation blockage, Neck pain, Head pain

Day 6:
Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder, Arm pain

Day 7:
  Elbow pain, Wrist pain, Finger pain

Day 8:
  Abdominal discomfort, Constipation, Prevention of menstruation pain (Dysmenorrhea)

Day 9:
   Symtoms, Vertigo, Nausea, Migraine Headache. Syncope/Fainting

Day 10:
Practicing & Question


 This class requires an experienced Thai massage practitioner.  As the flow of this therapy massage would need to combine with some relaxing massage techniques to offer a normal flow with a therapy approach. 

 This course require 2 students minimum to start the class. 

Traditional Thai Therapy Massage Course by Waree

What this Thai Traditional Therapeutic massage course is  about:

This basic therapy massage training is designed to share Traditional Thai wisdom and approach.

We will go through 15 common symptoms and what an experienced masseuse can do safely to help.

These points structure each topic/problem we will study-  Symptom and causes

   -  Observation the person by Interview
   -  Physical check-up
   -  Healing plan, possible methods
   -  Interdiction and cautious
   -  How to apply massage techniques and points
   -  Evaluation after treatment
   -  Suggestion after treatment and self-stretching

It is not about very complex massage techniques but more about getting to understand the Traditional Thai System to look at a patient.    

Students will learn about basic diagnostic principles according to the theory of Thai Traditional Medicine in a short and easy way to comprehend.  It is based on the balance of 4 elements that our bodies require to exist and change.

Thai Traditional Massage Treatments by Waree

Waree proposes 2 types of integrated treatments.

Integrated in this case means that Waree uses different techniques as the massage unrolls. It is about presence and improvisation.